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David Fox

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David’s experience as a professional photographer dates back to his teens. At first, he began his career as a photojournalist. Afterward, he was eager to learn more about photography and film. In 1982, not only did David graduate with a filmmaking degree from Emerson College, he also founded a video production company.

In 1993, David found himself suddenly widowed with two small children. At the time, he felt the need to re-examine his life goals. Inspired by his time at Maine Media Workshops, David returned to his roots. He soon built a reputation for excellence in photography and videography. David’s client base grew in both the corporate and consumer arenas. As a result, his repertoire includes event photography, professional portraits, commercial photography, and videography.

Additionally, David is a big believer in giving back to his community. His charitable work includes partnerships with industry event associations and non-profit organizations.


Greta married David in 1994. As a result, she says her life has never been the same. Greta has a background in management and the arts. As David’s photography business grew, she joined as business manager. Today, Greta leads the production team. In this role, she manages photo editing, digital artwork, and custom album design.

Greta is also a board-certified nurse practitioner. She has extensive experience in Public Health and Women’s Health. For clients in the Health Care and Pharma industries, her clinical background is a huge asset. Greta is an advisory team member at both the COVID Action Group and the World Health Network. Greta also consults on event safety with members of the Meetings and Events industry. She is, in her own words “never, ever bored.”


The Foxes’ extensive experience puts them on the leading edge industry changes. In early 2020, it was clear they would need to pivot to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. With their combined skillset, David and Greta were ready to change with the times. Meanwhile, their clients were trying to adapt old analog content for an increasingly digital audience. The Foxes reimagined their business model. Soon after, they launched David Fox, Photographer’s Digital Transfer Services to address the growing need.

Capturing and preserving what matters most to people has long been David’s passion. Particularly the stories, celebrations, and memories that shape lives. Subsequently, this made for a natural transition into digital transfer services. Now, the Foxes’ offer personalized, high-quality analog to digital services, including:

  • Digitization of film, video, and audio media
  • Scanning, restoration, and printing of photographs, slides, and negatives
  • And development and scanning of still camera and movie film

Finally, as more industries move online, more staff need fresh digital images. The Foxes also added Backyard Portraits, a signature program that incorporates infection control. Through the program, clients can schedule professional, COVID-compliant outdoor studio portraits with David.


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