Film, Negatives, & Slides

Digitize Film, Negatives, & Slides

Are you overwhelmed by the assortment of mixed media you’ve collected over the years? Would you like to extract and preserve your precious memories from old rolls of undeveloped film, negatives, and slides? Our expert team at David Fox Digital Transfer Services can help you digitize all your unprocessed media. We can even digitize the transparencies from inside the little souvenir viewers you may have picked up on family vacations!

Trust us to digitally transfer your media and help you preserve it for generations to come. Unsure exactly what type of media you have? We can help with that, too. We will inspect, categorize and catalog items in your media collection. Once our assessment is complete, we will send you an itemized list and a cost estimate for your order. All you have to do is approve the estimate, and we will handle the rest. Let us handle the painstaking work of ensuring proper preservation* and digital transfer of each item in your collection.

* Our hands-on, individualized approach is slower than automated transfer services. Due diligence takes time. We take the time to ensure your digital transfer captures every detail.


Our process for 35 mm film slides includes inspection and expert cleaning to as much dust as possible before scanning. We use a static-free brush to ensure slides are not damaged during the cleaning process. When the slides are ready, we hand feed each slide into a very high-resolution scanner. Then, we balance color and light and apply infrared dust reduction to the scans. You’ll receive high-resolution digital copies of your images on a convenient flash drive.

As paper slide mounts age, they can degrade and the glue holding the slide to the mount may dry out. We cannot scan loose slide film without remounting the slide first. (Additional fees apply).


Before we begin processing negatives, we inspect each item. We then use a static-free, camel hair brush to gently remove as much dust as possible. Next, we mount each negative strip to a negative holder to secure it before scanning. We scan each strip at a very high resolution to capture every detail. During scanning, we balance color and light and apply infrared dust reduction. When your images are ready, we will send you home with a flash drive filled with high-resolution digital copies of your images.

Film Processing

We also process exposed, undeveloped analog film. We process and develop 35mm, 120mm & 4×5 exposed film in color or Black/White. Our team can make both traditional and digital transfer sheets, as well as paper proofs, finished prints, and enlargements. We partner with a trusted lab to process all still camera and movie film.

Please inquire for custom pricing.


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